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Motivational and inspiring keynote speaker

"Motivating, Inspiring and Captivating"


Whether you are looking for a speaker to motivate a stadium of 20,000 sales consultants or coach an executive boardroom of 10, Craig delivers a tailored message that impacts each individual — leaving them with the tools to create lasting change.

Pro Mindset: 

Your Story Drives the Pro Inside of You

Pro Mindset:

Unlock the Pro Inside of You

Pro Mindset:

Be Your Best in Your Biggest Moments


We are in changing times.  Your mindset must transform in order for you to achieve the next level of success that awaits you.   Research states that a person’s mindset can impact their outcomes because your thoughts become your actions and effect how you respond to various circumstances. My goal is to help your organization, team or you unlock your Pro Mindset®.


I am not your typical speaker.  I am an NFL agent. I speak to teams, groups and organizations all the time. I’m told that my speeches are engaging, they love my stories and they appreciate the actionable takeaways.  My goal is to create an applicable, transformational experience for the audience, organization or you.


Whether one-on-one or a group setting, I welcome the challenge of taking you on a journey to unlock your fixed mindset and move you to a growth mindset.  Together we will unleash that competitive advantage and your higher self — Your Pro Mindset! 


I have hosted a podcast for several years now and given hundreds of interviews, both virtually and in-person.  I can deliver my impactful message with conviction whether it is from the stage or online.  My in-house studio set and equipment deliver a professional aesthetic experience while minimizing the “tech headache” for your team and you.

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