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Meet Craig

My goal is to help you unlock your Pro Mindset®

Craig Domann

NFL agent, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, husband and dad.

Craig has been a registered NFLPA Member Contract Advisor since 1990. He has negotiated more than a billion dollars in contracts for more than 300 NFL athletes. He is a sports attorney that also represents a number of college and NFL coaches.


“While representing successful NFL athletes and pro and college football coaches, I’ve learned the Pro Mindset that separates the Pro Bowlers from everyone else."


“I am transparent and dive into the head space, beliefs and mental approach that is the common denominator of elite performers.  I like to share these winning secrets with clients and business people so that they can discover how they can unlock their Pro Mindset!”


Craig earned undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Kansas and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in 1990.  Craig entered the athlete representation business because he wanted to follow his passions: sports, football, and helping people achieve their goals and dreams.


Craig currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife, Teddi.  He has three children, two sons, JoJo & Brock, JoJo a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and Brock a quarterback for Louisville, and a daughter, Rylee, who is an artist and activator.  Craig’s hobbies include cycling, hiking, golf, and watching his kids perform whether on the stage or on the football field.

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Craig's Accomplishments

JoJo and Brock

JoJo TD.jpeg

JoJo Domann is Craig's oldest son and started his NFL career in 2022 with the Indianapolis Colts. He currently plays for the Tennessee Titans. At the University of Nebraska, he was a Tom Novak award winner, second-team All-American, second-team All-Big 10, NFL Combine participant, and MVP at the Reese's Senior Bowl. In his first year in the NFL, he returned a blocked punt for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings. What does JoJo attribute his success to?


Brock Domann is Craig's second son who is currently a quarterback for the University of Louisville, ranked #15 in CFP rankings. Brock appeared in nine games for the Cardinals in 2022, recoding a 3-1 record as a starter. Brock also started for Louisville in the 2022 Wasabi Fenway Bowl against Cincinnati and led his team to a win. Brock, like his brother JoJo, has his sights set on a pro career. What does Brock attribute his success to? 


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